Further readings

Costello J, Social Exclusion and Public Health

This book chapter examines the phenomenon of social exclusion, tracing its origins and attempting to elicit why people are socially excluded as well as identifying the links between social exclusion and public health.

Sutan R, Yusof A, Syndemic Approach in Preventing Perinatal Near Miss before First Phase of Three Delay Model, 2017, International Journal of Pregnancy & Child Birth, Volume 2, Issue 4.

This paper discuss the usefulness of syndemic approach in planning for the intervention in empowering and place accountability of community neighbourhood, agencies nearby facilities within the community

towards a concerted effort in fulfilling safe motherhood goal together with healthcare delivery system.

Rouhani S, Intersectionality-informed Quantitative Research: A Primer,2014, The Institute for Intersectionality Research & Policy, SFU, ISBN: 978-0-86491-356-2.

This primer demonstrates how intersectionality offers a distinct and innovative way for quantitative researchers to understand and conceptualize health and social inequities as rooted in the structural drivers of society and every day experiences of individuals