Nazroo JY, Genetic, cultural or socio-economic vulnerability? Explaining ethnic inequalities in health, 1998, Sociology of Health & Illness Vol. 20 No.5, ISSN 0141–9889, pp. 710–730.

Using data from the Fourth National Survey of Ethnic Minorities this paper examine three alternative approaches to ethnic inequalities in health such as epidemiological approaches, structural approaches, and the approaches that focus on ethnic identity.

Spini D, Hanappi D, Bernardi L, Oris M, Bickel JF, Vulnerability across the life course : A theoretical framework and research directions, 2013, LIVES Working Papers, Volume 2013, Issue 27, Page 1-35

This paper reviews existing life course literature related to theories of personality development, sociology of stress, accumulation of (dis)advantage and propose a dynamic model of vulnerability and propose to put
vulnerability on the research agenda based on the dynamic model of vulnerability.