Weiss MG, Auer C, Somma DB, Abouihia A, Kemp J, Jawahar MS, Karim F, Arias NL, Gender and tuberculosis: cross-site analysis and implications of a multi-country study in Bangladesh, India, Malawi, and Colombia, 2006, WHO reference number:TDR/SDR/SEB/RP/06.1.

This report addressed practical questions about the role of gender in TB and TB control in four low- to middle-income countries of Asia (Bangladesh and India), Africa (Malawi), and South America (Colombia). The study findings suggests that specific strategies for improving TB control through gender-sensitive and locally appropriate community action, clinic operations, programme monitoring, and action oriented research for TB control.

Weiss MG
Auer C
Somma DB
Abouihia A
Kemp J
Jawahar MS
Karim F
Arias NL