Gubrium AC, Mann ES, Borrero S, Dehlendorf C, Fields J, Geronimus AT, Gomez AM, Harris LH, Higgins JA, Kimport K, Luker K, Luna Z, Mamo L, Roberts D, Romero D, Sisson G, Realizing Reproductive Health Equity Needs More than Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC), 2016: American Journal of Public Health, Vol: 106, No: 1.

This paper discuss the concerns and advocate for an approach to LARC informed by reproductive justice and predicated on the equal value of all lives.

Gubrium AC
Mann ES
Borrero S
Dehlendorf C
Fields J
Geronimus AT
Gomez AM
Harris LH
Higgins JA
Kimport K
Luker K
Luna Z
Mamo L
Roberts D
Romero D
Sisson G