Deborah T, Sarangi BL, Garg A, Ahuja A, Meherda P, Karthikeyan SR, Joddar P, Kar R, Pattnaik J, Druvasula R, Rath AD, Closing the health and nutrition gap in Odisha, India: A case study of how transforming the health system is achieving greater equity, 2015: Social Science and Medicine, Vol: 145, p154-162.

This study provides evidence of how health systems can be strengthened to improve health equity in a low-income state. The paper presents a case study of how the Government of Odisha in eastern India is transforming the health system for more equitable health and nutrition outcomes.

Deborah T
Sarangi BL
Garg A
Ahuja A
Meherda P
Karthikeyan SR
Joddar P
Kar R
Pattnaik J
Druvasula R
Rath AD